Are you ready to embark on a journey of wisdom and inspiration? Look no further! In this blog post, we have curated the best MAA (Mother) quotes in Urdu that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you in awe of the incredible bond between a mother and her child. Get ready to be moved by the power of words as we dive into these soulful expressions, encapsulating the love, sacrifice, and profound connection that only a MAA can provide. So grab a cup of chai, settle in comfortably, and let’s explore these captivating quotes together!

Update MAA Quotes in Urdu English 2024

While 2024 is still a little ways off, I can certainly try my best to write some heartfelt and inspiring MAA quotes in Urdu for you!

Here are a few options:

1. Maa ki chaahein mein hi duniya hai samaat, Uski duaon mein hi hai muqaddar ka iraada. Maa se badhkar koi naheen hamdard jahan mein, Wohi hai ghar, wohi hai zindagi ka nishana.

(The whole world fits within my mother’s desires, Her prayers determine my destiny’s course. There’s no greater confidante in the world than mother, She is my home, she is the goal of my life.)

2. Maa ki muskaan hai zindagi ka sukoon, Uski aanhon mein hai khushiyon ka nishan. Maa ke hathon mein hai jannat ka nuskha, Wohi hai jo banati hai har gham ko asaan.

(Mother’s smile is the peace of life, Her tears mark the path of happiness. In mother’s hands lies the formula for paradise, She is the one who eases every sorrow.)

3. Duniya ki har raftaar mein Maa ka saaya hai saath, Har kadam par uski duaon ka hai nishan. Maa ke bina zindagi hai adhoori kitaab, Wohi hai jo bharti hai us mein har rang, har kahani.

(Mother’s shadow accompanies me in every pace of life, Every step bears the mark of her prayers. Life without mother is an incomplete book, She is the one who fills it with every color, every story.)

4. Apni muskaan se har gham ko chhupa leti hai Maa, Apne aanson ko chupke chupke bahaleti hai Maa. Har dukh mein sahara, har khushi mein shareek, Maa ki mohabbat hai duniya ki sabse badi ne’mat.

(Mother hides every sorrow with her smile, She secretly sheds her tears. A support in every pain, a partner in every joy, Mother’s love is the greatest blessing in the world.)

5. Maa ke pairon mein hai jannat ka dwaar, Uski khidmat hai banda-parwardigar ka farz. Maa ko khush rakhna hai zindagi ka asli maqsad, Usi ki duaon mein hai zindagi ki kamaal.

(Paradise’s door lies at the feet of mother, Serving her is the duty of every human being. Keeping mother happy is the true purpose of life, Her prayers hold the key to life’s success.)

6. Maa ki chaahein mein khuda ki raza chhupi hai, Uski duaoon mein duniya ki duaaiyan samaat hain. Maa se badhkar koi mehboob nahi jahan mein, Wohi hai jannat, wohi hai har khushi ki wajah.

(God’s will is hidden in mother’s desires, Her prayers contain the world’s supplications. There’s no lover greater than mother in the world, She is paradise, she is the reason for every joy.)

7. Har aansu ko chhupa kar muskura leti hai Maa, Har takleef ko chupke se mita leti hai Maa. Duniya ki baaziyon mein Maa hi hoti hai saathi, Har haarna uske saath jeet ban jaata hai.

(Hiding every tear, she smiles, my mother, Silently erasing every pain, my mother. In life’s battles, she’s the constant companion, Every loss with her turns into a victory.)

8. Maa ki baahon mein hi milta hai sukoon-e-dil, Uski taraf dekhte hi gham hotein hain parda. Maa ki nazar hi hai zindagi ka tara, Jo rasta dikhaye aur manzil tak le jaaye.

(Peace of heart is found only in mother’s arms, Looking at her, sorrows fade away like curtains. Mother’s gaze is life’s guiding star, Showing the path and leading to the destination.)

9. Apne haathon se banati hai ghar Maa, Apne pyaar se sajati hai zindagi Maa. Har pal ka khayal rakhti hai har farz nibhati hai, Maa hi toh hoti hai zindagi ki asli haqiqat.

(With her hands, she builds a home, my mother, With her love, she embellishes life, my mother. Caring for every moment, fulfilling every duty, Mother is the true reality of life.)

10. Jiske sar par Maa ka haath hota hai, Uski kismat mein har khushi likhi hoti hai. Maa ki duaon ki barkat se chamakta hai har rasta, Maa ki mohabbat hi hai zindagi ka sabse bada nishana.

(The one upon whom mother’s hand rests, Has every happiness written in his fate. With the blessings of mother’s prayers, every path shines, Mother’s love is the ultimate goal of life.)

The quotes of MAA in Urdu, Hindi and English are not just mere words, but they hold a deep meaning and emotion that resonates with every person. They remind us of the unconditional love and sacrifices our mothers have made for us, shaping us into the individuals we are today. As we celebrate Mother’s Day or any other day, let these meaningful quotes be a reminder to appreciate and cherish our mothers’ presence in our lives. Let us strive to make them proud by being grateful, kind, and loving towards them always.